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Japanese Dictionary


Tenjin is a free offline Japanese dictionary, without ads, for all levels : from absolute beginners to advanced students of Japanese.It focuses on displaying relevant data about words, kanji, examples and grammar points in a simple, clear and elegant manner. Tenjin makes suggestions, searches as you type, and shines at getting the user to the data he wants.
While the free version of Tenjin is the equal of other japanese dictionaries for android, the unlocked version is on a class of it's own, with a few unique advanced features.
The first time you start Tenjin, it will download around 20MB (internet needed)...
Get help, tips, news for our "read Japanese" app or for the Tenjin Japanese dictionary :
Features :• 300000 entries with very useful metadata (part of speech, stroke order diagrams, jlpt, usefulness...)• multilingual (50 languages)• powerful and unique search capabilities• beginner friendly (customizable display with or without romaji or furigana)• no need for a japanese keyboard• a single reasonable purchase unlocks all advanced features and arguably turns Tenjin into the best Japanese dictionary for Android